Friday, 28 January 2011

Vendor Rules and Application Form

Hunt Information

The Femdom Hunt will run from April 15th to April 30th, inclusive. The hunt is an adult-themed hunt which, as the name implies, is aimed at the Femdom community in Second Life.

The hunt is organised by Vila Pixelmaid, Zardia Avindar and Antony Fairport.

Applications are currently open and will be accepted until the end of March 14th 2011 (SLT).

We are seeking vendors who are willing to contribute quality builds that will be on-theme. We also encourage, but do not require, that builds that are gender-specific cater for both genders (in other words, if you mostly build for female avatars, try and include something for male avatars too).

Vendor Rules and Timetable

We are only accepting applications from stores that are located on mature or adult sims. Please keep in mind the adult nature of the hunt theme.

Stores in mall locations will be accepted *if* you are able to put a prim path towards your store (this will be provided) or if direct teleports are enabled.

Original content creators only please. Resellers and “business in a box” vendors will not be accepted.

Your hunt gift must either be an original build made for the hunt, or an existing build modified in some way (perhaps a unique texture). It must not be available elsewhere (either in your shop, for another hunt or via the marketplace) for the duration of the hunt. Remember that this is a Femdom hunt: the hunters will be Dommes and male and female subs. Please, no items aimed at male Doms.

Once accepted into the hunt you’ll receive vendor information, a group invitation and a hunt sign. Please carefully read the vendor information, accept the group invitation and place the hunt sign at your store.

The order of stores in the hunt will be the order of application acceptance. The hunt will be designed as a “circular hunt” in that the last location will have a link to the first location. This will allow people to start anywhere they wish in the hunt.

Applications close on the end of March 14th 2011 (SLT). We will keep a record of late applications and if a spot becomes available we may invite you to fill it.

First walk-through will take place on March 18th (SLT). This will simply be to make sure that all SLURLs provided are correct and that all hunt signs are out at the given landing points.

Second walk-through will take place on April 8th (SLT). You’ll be required to place your hunt item (minus the gift) beside the sign and we’ll be checking for this.

Third walk-through will take place on April 14th (SLT). This will be the final check. We expect to find that the item will have been removed from the sign and hidden in your store. We also will be checking to see that your hint is in place.

Application Form

Please copy and paste the following information into a *NEW* notecard. Rename the new notecard as:

TFH -- {Your Name}-{Store Name}

The Femdom Hunt
Your full SL User Name:
Time of application:
Additional Contact Name:
Store Name:
Store Landmark (please drag LM and put it here):
Store SLURL:
Type of Store (products you sell):
Store Blog/Website (if any):
What is your prize? (if decided):
Land rating of your store:
Is age verification required for your store:
Incomplete applications or those received after the deadline has passed will NOT be accepted.

Send your completed application to Zardia Avindar

Logo/Sign and Dates

We have a logo, and a poster, and dates!

Monday, 24 January 2011


Yes, you found us, you've caught us out. We're in the very early stages of planning a Second Life grid-wide Femdom hunt. No news as of yet but please do follow this blog to stay informed. We'll add news and announcments here as they happen.

There's an in-world group too if you're really interested. Search for "The Femdom Hunt".