This is the location list for The Femdom Hunt V. We'll update this list with hints, SLURLs and location status as the hunt evolves. If there's ever a problem with a location a note will be left here as soon as possible.

You'll always find this list via http://bit.ly/TFHVLocations

Issues and notes:
  • The gift at #31 (Elegance by Elysa) is quite some distance from the hunt sign. Head for the "Mistress/sub" section of the store and you'll be in the right place to hunt.
  • Please skip #34 (RVi Design). They currently have region issues and will be back with us soon. Please watch the blog and group notices for updates.
  • To find the gift at Enslaved (#54) be sure to notice that there's corridors that branch off. Be sure to explore some of the rooms.
  • #63 (Design with a Heart) has the same landing point as #8 (Velvet Crossing). To get to #63 just follow the path without the added underwear.