Application Form

Applications for The Femdom Hunt VII are open from August 1st 2017 until September 24th. Please note that locations for this hunt are capped at 120.

Because The Femdom Hunt comprises of both vendor locations and Femdoms we have two application forms: one for vendors and one for Femdoms. Please ensure you fill out the correct application form or your application may be lost.

If you are applying as a vendor (a shop, etc...) please fill out this application form:

If you are applying as a Femdom location (Femdom region, location, hangout, club, etc...) please fill out this application form:

We will start processing applications from August 4th onwards, at the latest. When we process your application we will drop you a small welcome pack and we'll also send invitations to the in-world group to all contacts who aren't already in the group.

IMPORTANT: If, after the 7th August, you don't hear from us within 48 hours of you submitting your application, please drop Antony Fairport a line in-world. Glitches can and do happen and we don't want to lose your application.