Hunt Guidelines

Welcome to The Femdom Hunt. We’re glad you've decided to join us. The following are a few guidelines that you might find useful when on the hunt.
  • You are looking for a red and black shoe (see the image to the right). You will see an example of this attached to each hunt board.
  • There is a 30 meter guideline in operation for this hunt. The hunt item should always be within 30 meters of the hunt sign or the end of the path (the path is a line of half-naked, or naked, men on the floor). If this isn't the case there will be a note to this effect in the location list on the blog.
  • Please allow for change. Second Life can be a dynamic place and, with around 60 locations in the hunt, some will be down, some will move, one or two, during the two weeks of the hunt, might even disappear. Be patient, use the hunt group and, most of all, always check with this hunt blog. The latest information will always be available via here.
  • If you get stuck, use the hunt group. We encourage the use of group chat to ask for, and offer, help. However, as you’ll see in the rules below, please do not give out exact item locations. We do love to hear about the gifts you love so feel free to tell us in group chat.
  • When you TP to a new location, please try and step off the landing point while you wait for things to rez.
  • Mixed in with the store list are many of Second Life’s Femdom sims. Please keep in mind that most of these will have rules regarding visitors. We ask that you take a moment to grab and read those rules. We also ask that if a representative of any of those sims asks you to observe the rules, you do so. If this is a problem please consult the location list on the blog and skip to the next location (the hunt is designed so that the next location will always be a store).
Hunt Rules

The following are the rules of the hunt. We must insist that all hunters observe these rules. Ignoring these rules will result in an ejection from the hunt group and could even result in banning from one or more participating stores and Femdom sims.
  1. No abuse. It’s that simple. No abuse of the vendors and sim owners. No abuse of your fellow hunters. No abuse of the hunt organisers. Abuse will not be tolerated.
  2. Do not give out the location of the hunt item. By all means give your fellow hunters hints, but giving the exact location in group or public chat will likely result in very annoyed location owners.
  3. Do not litter. If you open a gift at a location pick up your prims before you leave.
  4. Do not contact the vendors to whine. Play nice. Remember they have worked hard to make a gift available to you. If there is a problem with the hunt at a given location, please contact Antony or any other available hunt official.
  5. Do not publicly criticise the gifts. If a gift is not to your taste, just delete it. If you wanted the red transparent latex catsuit instead of the blue one, buy it. 
  6. Have fun!