Monday, 19 September 2011

Just one week left to apply

Just a further reminder about the deadline for applications. There's now just under a week left to apply to be a location in The Femdom Hunt II. As we said last week, you don't have to know what you'll make for, or offer for, the hunt just yet -- all that matters is that you can make something or offer something as laid out in the vendor rules.

For those vendors and Femdom locations who have applied and been accepted: please don't forget to put your signs out. If you have received the group notice that links to this blog entry, and you've applied to be in the hunt, but you haven't received your welcome pack yet, this'll be down to a glitch with Second Life. All accepted applicants have received their welcome packs, which include the hunt sign.

Don't forget, first walkthrough takes place on September 30th and it's what we'll be looking for.

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