Monday, 12 September 2011

Just two weeks left to apply

Just a little reminder that there are now only two weeks left to apply to be part of the hunt as a vendor or Femdom location. Applications close on September 26th, with the first walkthrough taking place four days later.

If you are thinking of taking part in the hunt as either a vendor or a Femdom location now would be a good time to get your application in. Don't worry if you're not sure what you might make for the hunt yet, there's plenty of time to decide that. You don't have to know what you'll make as your gift to apply. And, if you're undecided because you're unsure how a hunt works, or if it's right for you, please do feel free to contact Zardia Avindar or Antony Fairport to find out more. Also, while some of the details might change, this post from the first hunt might help with understanding what'll happen and what will be required of you.

If you're one of the vendors or Femdom locations who have already applied please do remember to put the sign you received out on display right away. The more signs there are out the more people will know the hunt is happening. The more who know that it is happening the more locations we'll have in the hunt. The more locations we have in the hunt the more boards we'll have on display. Ultimately this means we'll have more hunters taking part and a very busy and enjoyable hunt. If you've misplaced your board, please do ask for another copy.

Finally, if you have a group associated with your location now would be a good time to start making a bit of buzz about the hunt. If you're a customer of a store, or a member of a Femdom, who aren't displaying a copy of the Femdom Hunt 2 sign, now would be a good time to point them in the direction of this blog and suggest they might want to take part.

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