Sunday, 19 October 2014

A reminder and an extra gift

The hunt is now into its third day and things are going well. Many thanks to everyone who has let us know of any issues out on the hunt, we really appreciate it. Don't forget that all known issues and things of note can be found on the location list page of this blog.

There's a little reminder we'd also like to make: while many locations on the hunt are on adult regions, and while some of them are perfectly okay with nudity, this isn't always the case. Many locations, even on adult regions, prefer that avatars not be nude in public locations (or sometimes anywhere on the region). Given this, we'd just like to remind everyone that it's best not to wander through every location on the hunt nude. Thanks.

Finally, #15 (ONIRIA Shop) have dropped us a line to let us know that they've added a third gift to their shop. We've updated the location list accordingly (the hint is "Do you really know what BDSM mean?") and, of course, if you've already hunted that location you're invited back to find the third gift.

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