Monday, 28 September 2015

TFHVI: Last couple of days for applications

Just a little reminder to everyone that applications to be in The Femdom Hunt VI close at midnight on the 30th (Second Life time).

We're processing the applications as they come in and, generally, nobody has had to wait more than 48 hours to receive a reply. So if your favourite Femdom or Femdom-friendly store isn't displaying the hunt sign you might want to prompt them to check if they'd like to apply.

Also, as we do each year, we're maintaining a page where we keep track of blogs where the hunt has been mentioned. If you've blogged about the hunt, or you know of a mention somewhere, do please drop Antony Fairport a line and he'd be delighted to add it to that page.

Vendors and Femdom owners: expect to receive a package from Antony some time in the 24 hours or so after applications close. This will be a small update pack that will include the next version of the hunt sign (the one that contains information for hunters) ready for the first walk-through. More information about this will follow.

As always, if you have any questions about the hunt, please don't hesitate to drop Antony a line.

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