Friday, 16 October 2015

Current known issues

Here are the current (and past) known issues on the hunt:
  • #14 - C&N Designs - The sign has moved to a very different build from the landing point being used for the hunt. The gift is still in the original location. Please hunt where you land; the clue is "I think i put the shoe up somewhere". We have contacted the owner of the location and are looking to get this fixed.
  • #50 - The Library - The gift here is hidden in a fairly open position but in a location that can't be walked to -- you'll need to cam to it for now. We're working with the location owner to get this resolved.
  • #56 - ((DirtyTrick)) - This location is no longer there. Please skip to #57.
  • #62Fairey Angel Creations - They will be late getting their gift out. Please skip from #61 to #63 for the moment and come back and hunt #62 when the all-clear is given.
This blog entry wil be updated as issues are fixed or other issues turn up. Please also be sure to keep an eye on the status column of the location list.

We'd also like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has been keeping us updated of what they've found. We really appreciate it.

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