Friday, 16 October 2015

Stuff on the hunt

The idea behind this post is to gather together details of any new product launches, hunt-based special offers or events that might be of interest to people that are happening at hunt locations during the hunt. If you have something you'd like mentioned here please drop Antony a line.

Femdom Sale at WS Creations

#07 - WS Creations - are having a 50% off sale on all their Femdom-specific items for the duration of the hunt. Items include the Dominatrix Chair, Femdom Chair and the Bucket'n'Rag.

Hunt Shoe Sale at Meshopotamia

As many know, we're using a new shoe for the hunt this year, and it was made for us by Reven Rosca of #16 - Meshopotamia. She has a Slink-compatible (which also comes with a system-feet-compatible) version, full perm (licence terms apply), in the store.

For the duration of the hunt they are 50% off. Perfect if you fancy making, and wearing, your own version of the hunt shoe!

Femdom Pose Sale at Black Tulip

From #04 - Black Tulip: "The sixth edition of The Femdom Hunt has started today, and will be up until November 1st. We're participating in the poses and props store with the new couple pose Yes, Mistress #1. In addition to this, we're also releasing the couple poses Yes, Mistress #2 and Yes, Mistress #3. They'll be set 50% off their price while the hunt is up."

In other words, if you want to complete the set that starts with the gift, you can get them half price while the hunt is on.

Sale at Anima Temptation

#49 - Anima Temptation have set their gags, whips and their vibrator to 50% off  in their main store, for the duration of the hunt.

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