Friday, 2 October 2015

TFHVI: What happens next

Now that the first walk-through has taken place, this is a good time for us to outline what'll happen next in the hunt, how the gift will be packaged and hidden, who's responsible for what, etc.

Over the next couple of weeks, here's what'll happen:
  • Before the end of the weekend (the 4th October) you'll receive v2.0 of the hunt sign. This is a version that will let you set and display your hint -- there will be a post early next week that details how you set the hint (don't worry, you don't need to decide your hiding location or hint just yet).
  • No later than Tuesday (October 6th) you'll receive an update pack. Please watch out for it and please let us know if you haven't received it. If you don't have it by Wednesday 7th, and we've not put out a note to say there's been a delay (there shouldn't be, but you know how SL and RL can be), let us know. This update pack will include your hunt object (the shoe -- this is the object your gift will be placed in and which you'll hide) and some items that will help you publicise the hunt.
  • The hunt object (the shoe) will be pre-named for you and will have a script and a landmark inside it. Please do not change either of these things. The name is set so that hunters can easily organise the folders they'll receive from your object when they hunt. The landmark inside the shoe is the landmark for the next location in the hunt after you (in earlier hunts we've had a couple of people "fix" the landmark because it was "wrong", doing this will break the chain of the hunt so, if you think there is a problem with the landmark, please contact us first).
  • On or after October 8th we'll be doing a second walk-through. We'll be expecting to see that you've replaced v1.0 of the hunt sign with v2.0. We will also be expecting to see the hunt object (the shoe) rezzed near the sign so we can see it. Do not put your gift inside it yet. We just want to see it so we can be sure that you've received it. It also lets us double-check that we sent you the correct shoe and that it has the correct landmark inside it.
  • After that the next key date is October 15th, the evening before the hunt starts. By this time we require that you've built your gift and have placed it inside the hunt object. The hunt object itself should then be hidden at your location.
  • At midnight on October 16th (just to be clear, because it can cause confusion: we're talking about the midnight between the 15th and the 16th) the hunt starts. By this time your object should be set so that people can get their gift. More on this below.
As with the last few years, the shoe now uses a script to give the gift to the hunters (they get the gift by simply touching the shoe). The script will give a copy of the gift every time it is touched. If the owner of the shoe touches it it will also give a count of how many gifts have been given out.

This approach sometimes raises a few obvious questions so we'll try and answer them here:
  • Doesn't this mean that people can take multiple copies of my gift? Yes, it does. If your gift has no-transfer permissions (common for clothing, vehicles and other worn items) this isn't an issue. For some it can be a concern if your item is no-copy/transfer. Most vendors handle this by, if possible, making the item no-copy/no-transfer. It should be said that, in many years of taking part in hunts, we've often used this system and have never seen anyone abuse it. 
  • Can I replace your script with one that tracks who has had a copy of my item and which doesn't give duplicates? If you wish, yes. We won't be providing such a script and we do ask that you let us know so we can note this in the location list (this helps stop hunters getting confused and it also helps us know which locations might be a problem -- these sorts of scripts can and do fail, especially if a hunter doesn't successfully get their first copy). We also ask that you have your script give the gift and landmark inside a folder that's named as per the name of your shoe when you received it.
  • Does this mean that people who aren't in the hunt can get my item? Yes, it does. However, it's worth noting that there isn't really such a thing as "in the hunt". Many hunters will do the whole hunt. Some might only do part of it. Some people might be at your location, shopping or visiting, and might stumble on the gift and take a copy. In the latter case that might mean that they either get to try your build and will like to come back for more, or they might not have known about the hunt and your contribution pulls them in and they join in. Either way, they'll be walking away with something that might pull them back to your location at a later date.
Hopefully the above answers most of your questions about how the hunt will start. As always, if you have any questions, no matter how small, please don't hesitate to ask us. Just IM or drop a notecard on Antony Fairport (sending an IM with details is best, they go to email if he's offline and he'll be able to read and reply, if required). He'll reply as soon as he possibly can.

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