Monday, 1 October 2012

Second update pack sent, and a slight change of plan

The second update pack has now been sent out to the primary contact for all hunt locations. You will have received an object, sent by Antony, named "TFH3 - Update Pack 2 - #{n} - {name}" where {n} is your location number in the hunt and {name} is your location name. For example, the update pack for Z&A is named "TFH3 - Update Pack 2 - #01 - Z&A Productions". Please open this and act on it as soon as you possibly can.

If you haven't received this object please contact Antony Fairport as soon as possible so he can drop you a fresh copy.

Two vital items inside the box are your hunt object (more on this in a moment) and the third version of the hunt sign. Please replace all existing hunt signs with this v3.0 sign. This is what we'll be looking for on the third walk-though this Friday. Note that this version of the sign has the hint-giver code in it. There's no need for you to set your hint yet and when the time comes to set it we'll write a blog entry on how to do it.

And now to the shoe, and a slight change of plan. For reasons we won't bore everyone with (but you can read a little more about it on Antony's personal blog if you're interested) we're not going to be able to easily do the usual "sell content for L$0" thing. It seems that there's recently been a change to SL somehow and some way that makes this nearly impossible with the usual setup. So, the shoe you'll find inside this pack has a content-giving script inside it instead. This is a very simple script, it simply gives the content of the shoe to whoever touches it, in a folder named the same as the name of the shoe (it also does keep count of how many times it's been touched and tells the owner when they touch it). The script is provided full-perm so you can check what it does and how it does it.

In the pack you'll also find these items:

  • The Femdom Hunt 3 Publicity Pack - Rez and unpack this for a handful of items that might be useful when publicising the hunt.
  • The Femdom Hunt Path - This comes in a couple of different sizes and also in two maturity ratings. If you intend to hide your object more than 30m from your landing point, or if your sign needs to be more than 30m from your landing point, use this path to guide people to the right area.
  • Z&A As the Crow Flies - A simple little HUD that Antony knocked up around the time of TFH2. You can use this to measure the direct distance between two points. Handy for checking if you're within 30m of your landing point and sign, etc.
And that's it. Please remember to get your v3.0 sign out as soon as possible. And also please remember that we'll be looking for it, and a copy of your shoe rezzed next to it (without the gift inside), this Friday, during the second walk-through. We'll write a little more about this later on this week.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar and we'll do everything we can to help.

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