Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thank you, a third time

Once more, for a third time, we're here again. It's the end of another Femdom Hunt. And once again it's been magnificent. As with the second hunt, the early days of organising it had us wondering if we'd get the same involvement again. Would we get plenty of vendors? Would we get the same support of the Femdom regions? Would we get hunters.

The answer to all those questions was, obviously, yes.

Because of this we wanted to write a note of genuinely heartfelt thanks. Without the support and participation of all involved (location owners and hunters) this just wouldn't work. It works and works well. And it's down to everyone who's taken part.

As well as saying a big thank you to all the vendors who were willing to associate their stores with this hunt, we'd also like to especially thank the Femdom regions who were also willing to do the same again. Part of the point of the hunt is to highlight what the Second Life Femdom community has to offer the grid so your participation is vital. To those regions that couldn't take part this year, we hope you can join us next year (and we really did appreciate your words of encouragement in your responses).

Once again we'd also like to thank our helpers: Eve Terr and Reven Rosca. Both have provided invaluable help, keeping an eye on things when we've not been in-world, or have been busy elsewhere with hunt business.

As for what happens now: over the next few days we'll be tidying up the blog and hiding the pages that aren't needed until the next hunt. We will leave the location list in place should you want to go back and find a particular location. We'll also do the usual cleanup of the vendor tag in the in-world group. We do encourage staying with the group, especially of you're a vendor, as that will be the first place that TFHIV will be announced if and when we decide on dates.

And... that's it. For this year, at least. All being well we'll see you next time.

Zardia Avindar
Antony Fairport

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