Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Stuff on the hunt

The idea of this post is to gather details of any new product launches, or hunt-based special offers, that are happening at hunt locations during the hunt.

AtaMe's Cursed

Coinciding with the hunt, and released in time for Halloween, is "Cursed" from AtaMe:

Head down to their main store to find out more.

Elegance by Elysa's "For Her" Creations

Two new products from Elegance by Elysa, that very much relate to the theme of the hunt: The Mistress' Chaise Lounge for relaxing or reading a poetry book, with her boy reclining at her feet, and the Mistress' Ottoman or Slipper Chair with several couples animations just for Mistress and her boy, available in a variety of colors and woods.

To see these new products head over to the main store.

EveLock's Special Offer

There's a limited special offer at the EveLock studio which is available for the duration of the hunt (or until it runs out). A furniture set, which normally sells for L$100, is available for just L$25.

See the blog entry for more details, or dash over to the Studio right now to get your set.

MoDesign Gags

Mo Noel has just announced the release of two gags at her main store. There's a straight ball gag:

and also a harness ball gag:

We're told that there are some interesting plugins on their way too. Pop along to the MoDesign main store to take a look at these new releases.

Onira Village Femdom Hunt Sale

Onira have placed four products in their medieval village and set them to 50% off, but only for members of The Femdom Hunt group. To take advantage of this offer head over to the shop, take a walk into the village and you'll find the products for sale there. Be sure that The Femdom Hunt is your active group before making a purchase (if you don't have your group tag on your money will be refunded and no product will be delivered).

Plausible Body's X-Ray Mesh Avatar

While not exactly Femdom-related there's bound to be a number of Halloween-themed parties coming up at Femdom locations very soon so this new release from Plausible Body should be of interest. A rigged mesh x-ray avatar:

The product is priced using Plausable Body's famous "open:priced" approach to pricing, which means you're encouraged to come pick it up for free, or for a donation of your choice. See their blog for more details and then swing by their main store to grab a copy.

PRIME's Special Offer

PRIME have cut the prices on their dance poles, dance stool and lap dance chairs. All are now half price. To find out more about this offer head over to their adult store.

Z&A Productions Vehicles

To coincide with the start of The Femdom Hunt III Z&A launched a new product range comprising of 10 different RLV-enabled vehicles (and 10 public rezzer systems for them). You can read more about them in this blog post.

There's also a test track available over Z&A so you can come and try them all out for yourself:

The new vehicles are available on the test track, in the main store and on Z&A's marketplace store.

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