Saturday, 13 October 2012

Well into the second day

We're well into the second day of TFHIII and we're delighted to report that things are going very well. As of the time of writing there are only two issues that we're aware of, and we're working to try and resolve them.

One reminder we'd like to make, especially to the male hunters, is that it's always worth picking up the gift at every location, even if the store itself doesn't appear to contain the sorts of products that suit you. While we can't guarantee what you'll find (we don't know in advance, in most cases -- we love to do the hunt ourselves and so love it to be a surprise for us) at least one location has pointed out to us that while their product range is pretty much female-only, they've made a point of catering for the male hunters too. So do grab the gift anyway no matter the location -- you never know what you'll find.

Please note that for the next 24 hours Antony and Zardia's online time will be patchy due to RL. Please do send issues to us, via IM, if you have any. IMs are set to go to email so we'll know of the issue (and might be in a positon to deal with it). Also, please don't forget we've got a very helpful hunt group so joining that and taking part is a good idea.

Also note that we have two wonderful helpers who are watching out and keeping an eye on things and who will forward us any problems. They are:
  • Eve Terr
  • Reven Rosca
If there is a serious issue regarding the hunt and Zardia and Antony are not online they will be able to help.

Finally, don't forget these helpful resources:
Have fun, and happy hunting. And, most of all, thank you so much for making this hunt what it is. :-)

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