Monday, 21 October 2013

Creative uses of the hunt path (2013)

Anyone who took part in last year's hunt might recall that a couple of locations decided to make creative use of the hunt path. It appears that this year is no different. Emilie at Plausible Body has been rather busy:

And it's not just Emilie. It seems that The Velvet Crossing have "tweaked" their path to better suit their sim:

And then over at PRIME:

Worse yet, almost on the doorstep of the TFH office! At the Evelock store!

We're still unclear if Sunshine Technology are getting a delivery or it's an abduction:

Meanwhile, back at Plausible Body, they're claiming to have post-party photos. Personally we think they're photoshopped. You can tell by the pixels:

According to Plausible Body the night got more freaky:

Apparently the path is just hanging around at Etherial Isle FemDom:

Back to Plausible Body again, it seems there's been a murder!

Be sure to see part 2!

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