Sunday, 20 October 2013

Stuff on the Hunt

The idea behind this post is to gather together details of any new product launches, or hunt-based special offers, that are happening at hunt locations during the hunt.

Evelock's Special Offer

There's a limited special offer at the Evelock main store which is available for the duration of the hunt (or until it runs out -- there are only 2 remaining as of the time of writing!). Get this sun lounger set for just L$25! This special offer is now sold out, but you can now get the sun lounger for the normal price of L$200.

Because the above has sold out Evelock have now put out a second 25 for L$25 special offer:

See here for full details of the offer.

PRIME - Many offers

PRIME have set up a multi item vendor in their lobby which gives a group discount for members of the Femdom hunt group. These items include:
Also all dance poles 50% off!
Cuddle and D/s chairs and thrones 50%
BDSM portals and cabinets discounted from L$2499 to L$999
Autumn BDSM fireplace (no more cold subs) NEW release discounted from L$2499 to L$999

Use the door with the TFHIV banner to TP to the group sale room.

SLURL to the vendor:

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