Thursday, 31 October 2013

Not long left now

As of the time of writing there's under three and a half days left in the hunt. Still time to get started and plenty of time to finish if you've already started.

At the moment there's only one known issue: #34 -- WITCHY CUPCAKEZ -- has disappeared, apparently due to a sudden sim closure. By the time you read this we'll be looking into the issue and seeing what needs to be done. Meanwhile the location is marked as a skip in the location list.

Also, don't forget that on Saturday evening we're having a "almost the end of the hunt" dance at Z&A. We'd love it if you could all join us to celebrate a very successful and very enjoyable couple of weeks -- ideally wearing or using something you've picked up on the hunt (we hope to have a build ready that will show off a selection of gifts from the hunt, as space and prims permit).

Finally, a couple of people have asked about the best way to get a note of thanks to all the locations in the hunt. We'll be sending a final mailer out to all of the contacts for all of the locations once the hunt has ended. If you'd like a few words of thanks included in that notecard please drop Antony a line and he'd be delighted to include them.

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