Friday, 18 October 2013

Current known issues

Here are the current (and past) known issues:
  • #13 - RVi Design - The gift is quite a bit more than 30m from the hunt sign but there is no path. We're working on getting this fixed. There is a path but it is invisible until stepped upon. Follow the stone path and keep an eye out and you'll see it. The hint has also been updated with a better pointer to which building the shoe is in.
  • #28 - .::LaCroix::. - This location has moved slightly due to a sudden and unexpected mall remodel. The landmark in the shoe at #27 will land you close to the correct store but do keep in mind that it won't be exactly the right place. We're working to get the shoe at #27 updated with a new landmark.
  • #30 - Dark Decadence - The gifts are hidden in an area that is protected by a security orb, which requires that you are a member of a group before you can gain access. We're currently working to have this resolved. Fixed.
  • #34 - This shop has had to move at very short notice. The landmark in #33's shoe is currently incorrect. We will be getting this updated as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please use the SLURL for #34 when you have finished hunting at #33. Fixed.
  • #43 - Dolome Designs don't have their gift out just yet. They are, however, working on it. Skip from #42 to #44 for the moment and come back and hunt #43 when we put out a notice to say they're all clear. Fixed.
  • #46 - Bondage By Gel - The gift is out but we don't have a hint for it and it is more than 30m from the sign. We're working to get this fixed. Fixed.
  • #64 - Black Velvet Animations - Please note that this shop shares the same forced landing point as The Velvet Thorn. When you land here a second time be sure to head for the Black Velvet shop. Also, as of the time of writing, the shoe is more than 30m from the sign. We're working to get this fixed. Fixed.
This blog entry will be updated as issues are fixed or other issues turn up.

We'd also like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has been keeping us updated of what they've found. We really appreciate it.

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