Friday, 14 October 2011

Current Known Issues

Here are the current (and past) known issues:
  1. The landmark in the shoe at #28, pointing to #29 (Lushish Catz), is wrong. If you use that LM you'll be ejected what what is now a private parcel. Please use this landmark instead. -- We're working to get the shoe at #28 updated. Now fixed.
  2. #47 -- Succulent! -- aren't ready yet. If you reach #46 please skip to #48 until further notice. Now fixed. Succulent's gift is now available and ready to be hunted.
  3. #16 -- Campalicious! -- The shoes are not set for sale. We're contacted the store owner to let them know. Please skip to #17 for now and we'll announce when it's fixed so you can go back and get the gifts. Now fixed.
  4. #11 -- Thorns and Petals -- This store is a bit of a walk away from the landing point given by the landmark we were first given. We're looking to get this fixed in the shoe at #10 (the previous store). In the mean time please use this SLURL instead. This will take you to a landing point closer to the store and there is a hunt path laid down for you to follow. Also, note that there's two shoes here, rezzed as a pair -- if you buy from one and it is empty, try the other one...
  5. #73 -- Dolome Designs -- The gift doesn't appear to be out at the moment. Please skip to #74 for now and we'll let everyone know when it's fixed. Now fixed.
  6. When you find the gift at  #71 -- Dominant Images -- be sure to buy it my touching the toe end of the shoe. It seems that, by accident, a transparent prim is covering part of the shoe. We've let the location owner know of the issue. Now fixed.
This blog entry will be updated as issues are fixed or other issues crop up.

We'd also like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has been keeping us updated of what they've found. We really appreciate it.

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