Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day Three Update

We're well into the third day of the hunt now and everything's still going well. Currently we're unaware of any major issues. As always, if you do notice anything that seems to be a problem, however small, please do let us know.

We'd also like to mention a couple of issues that have cropped up in the last day:

The first is the issue of people rezzing items at hunt locations. We do appreciate that sometimes people want to open gifts as soon as possible but we'd like to remind everyone that, just because a location allows rezz rights, it doesn't mean they wish to be used as a gift-opening sandbox. We know of at least once instance where someone rezzed out part of an outfit, that was well over 100 prims (approaching 200), and came close to using up the remaining prim allowance of the location. So, just a friendly, reminder, build "on" at a parcel doesn't mean that rezzing is always welcome. Please only use designated unpacking areas. If you really do need to unpack or adjust something (while it's rezzed out) really quickly, perhaps a quick trip to a sandbox is in order? Here's a list of some mature and adult sandboxes:

Adult: (Premium members only) (Premium members only) Vortex/127/120/23/


The other issue is that of people finding decoy shoes. Some locations will have decoy objects out. These objects will be named the same as the gift. The objects might be copies of the shoe, or they might be other objects or even part of the location's building. These decoys are normally in locations you wouldn't find the actual gift using normal hint-following and camming techniques. Please understand that decoys are used with our blessing (personally we don't use them, but we understand why some locations prefer to) and, as far as we're aware, all are placed so that they could never be found by following the hint. If you are aware of one that is placed otherwise please do let us know.

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