Monday, 10 October 2011

Second Walk Through Has Finished

The second walk through has now finished. We've visited every location in the hunt and checked for two things:
  1. Version 3.0 of the hunt sign was out and visible from your given landing point.
  2. A copy of your hunt object -- the shoe -- was rezzed nearby so we could check it.
Zardia dropped a notecard on the primary contact of every location. This notecard will tell you if everything was okay or, if not, what problem was found.

A good number of locations didn't have their shoe rezzed out. Just to be clear, so there's no confusion: we're not talking about the shoe that is attached to the hunt sign -- that's there so hunters know what they're looking for (it's also what displays your hint) -- we're talking about the object that you'll be placing your gift inside and then hiding, later this week. The object is named with your location number and your location name. For example, the shoe for Z&A Productions, which is location #1, is named like this:

TFH2 - #01 - Z&A Productions

If you had a notecard to say that your shoe was missing, please place a copy of it near your hunt sign as soon as possible and drop Antony Fairport a line to let him know it's out.

The main reason we do this is that it lets us visit your location and check that:
  1. We sent you the right object.
  2. We placed the right landmark inside it.
If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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