Saturday, 29 October 2011

Thank You (Again)

And, here we are again, another Femdom Hunt is over. When we started work on the second hunt we wondered if it would be as well-received as the first. We wondered if we'd get stores and Femdoms involved again. We wondered if there'd be hunters willing to hunt again.

We needn't have worried. The response from all three was, and remains, heartening and encouraging. Because of this we'd like to round off TFH2 by saying thank you to all who took part. Thank you to the vendors who created some great gifts. Thank you to the Femdom locations who, not only made great gifts, but were kind enough, once again, to open their doors for the hunt. We'd also especially like to say thank you to the new Femdoms who joined us this time around -- it was great to have you join us. And, of course, we'd like to say a big thank you to all the hunters.

A huge thank you also goes to our helpers (Eve Terr, Reven Rosca and Vacy Mondalimare), who were our eyes and ears in the hunt group when we were either busy elsewhere, or simply away in RL. Your help was invaluable.

As with last time, in the next day or so we'll be clearing out the "Femdom Vendor" role (just the role, nobody will be removed from the group, of course). The group will remain, and everyone is welcome to remain in the group (if/when TFH3 is launched that'll be the first place invites will be posted so it goes without saying that vendors who stay in the group will get the chance to apply early). And, just like last time, this blog will remain. We'll leave the location list up too so you can always find the stores and Femdoms again.

And, now that the hunt is over, and there's no more hunting to be done, please consider leaving some feedback. It's a quick multiple-choice form, with the option to leave some text too if you wish. It's also totally anonymous if you wish. Your feedback really is useful to us.

And... that's it. Perhaps we'll see you again for TFH3. :-)

Vila Pixelmaid
Zardia Avindar
Antony Fairport

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  1. It was a blast... fantastic organisation again... can't wait for the next one :)