Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Midweek Update

The hunt is well into its first week now and, overall, things are going well. We've had a few glitches along the way but nothing too serious.

We're happy to report that we now have hints for every location in the hunt. If you find yourself at a location and no hint is showing on the hunt sign be sure to check as the hint we have will be there. Also, if you run into any sort of problem with a location, be sure to look there too -- if we know of an issue at a location it will be noted there.

Those of you who have finished the hunt already might now be looking for another hunt to go on. If so you might like to take a look at The Whiz, from one of our helpers, Reven Rosca of PRIME.

Finally, we've had a special request from Dolome Demonia at Dolome Designs. We're told that there's been a huge problem with the group Builder's Brewery. Apparently they had over 16,000 members and, right now, the membership stands at 440. It seems that the group has suddenly "lost" most of its members. So, if you were a member, you might want to check that you still are. Either way, if you know of people who might have been a member, or you have access to other groups where it would be appropriate to mention this, you might like to pass this on.

PS: We've been searching blogs via Google, looking for mentions of the hunt, and listing them here on the blog. If you know of any mentions I've not found yet, or if you've written about the hunt and we're not aware of it, please do drop Antony Fairport a line and he'll update the blogged page.

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