Wednesday, 12 October 2011

TFH2: Almost There

As of the time of writing there's a little under a day and a half to go until The Femdom Hunt II starts. Almost everything is done. Almost everything is in place. Hopefully everyone has their builds/creations/gifts all done and ready.

For the Femdom owners and vendors: by now most of you have v3.0 of the sign out, thank you. Now would be a great time to decide where you'll hide your gift and what your hint will be to point the hunters in the right direction. If you need help setting the hint inside the sign be sure to take a look at yesterday's blog entry. If you have any other issues with it please do feel free to contact Antony.

Remember that final walk-though is tomorrow, Thursday, Second Life time. We'll be doing the walk-though at some point during the day, there's no fixed time yet. All we're looking for this time is that you're still there and that your sign is out. Also, at this point in time, please take in the copy of the shoe you rezzed next to the sign for us. This isn't needed any more.

We're going to be posting hints on the online location list so, when you do decide your hint, could you please drop a copy of it on Antony? When you do so please be sure to include your location number so we can easily find you in the list and update it.

And, don't forget, we're very close now so now's a great time to be posting about the hunt to your groups if you have any, or posting about it on your blog if you have one. We've already had a great mention by Evelock and we'd love to hear of any other mentions.

For the hunters: You can find the rules and guidelines for the hunt here on this blog. Don't forget that there's an in-world group for the hunt too. If the first hunt is anything to go by it's a fun and chatty group (note that we welcome and encourage group chat -- please keep this in mind, it will often be a friendly and chatty group).

If you are wondering where to start the hunt: everyone is, of course, more than welcome to come start at Z&A Productions. However, this is a circular hunt and we want to encourage people to start at their favourite shop or "home" Femdom. You can find a list of all participating locations here on the blog. Note that when the hunt starts hints and landmarks will be included there.

As for when it starts... Friday. This Friday. Friday 14th. At midnight. Midnight on the start of this Friday. Second Life time. The first stroke of this Friday Second Life time.

Did we mention it's this Friday? ;-)

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