Sunday, 16 October 2011

Update of Mo Noel's gift

Mo Noel has just contacted us to let us know that she's found a bug with her gift. Those of you who have already found it, and tried it, will know what the bug is (turns out, it wasn't a devilish scheme to make life interesting for the RLV-using subs even though some of us thought it was).

Mo has now fixed the problem and has placed a new copy of the gift inside her shoe. She invites everyone who has already got a copy to come back and pick up a fresh one.

Also, although there was no need to, Mo would like to offer a little extra to everyone because of this issue. To quote a group notice from her:
Dear Customers,
find many of the most popular MoDesign products with great discount during the Femdom Hunt.

If you already found the hidden treasure at the MoDesign shop, please come again, as the prize had a bug (you get no menu). That bug is fixed now, so come in and start over!

In other words, back at her store, Mo has placed a discount on many of her most popular products (we're told up to 50% in some cases).

To get a fresh copy of the gift, and to have a look at the discounted items, just pop back to #25 -- MoDesign.

Thanks Mo. :)

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